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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A comment on the comments to my last post aboutgas prices: wow.

I'm trying not to take the various negative comments too seriously, even the ones that used variations on "you're an idiot." I still think [very unscientifically] that gas prices now hurt a lot more than they have in the past. Also, it just seems, uh, unusual, for prices to shoot up by such relatively large increments. For example, between last week and this, gas prices here in Knoxville jumped 8 to 10 cents. I stand by my statement that I have never seen such sudden -- and consistent -- price bumping.

On a (hopefully) less controversial front, I'm starting to think about adding some sort of audio system to my HD TV. I'm interested in anyone's opinions. At first, I thought of just hooking up an old stero receiver and a couple of speakers. Then, trying to avoid working, I saw this Sony HT-DDW700 Complete 5.1-Channel DVD Home Theater System. I don't really need DVD capacity [I've got one already, of course], and my price range is below $250. Any comments or suggested alternatives?


Anonymous Hale Adams said...

Well, I don't pay enough attention to the world of audio and video to really give you any advice about currently available stuph, and I'm not much of an audiophile to begin with.

Before you lay out a buncha bux for some fancy system, try hooking up that old stereo. It need not be very powerful-- the power is really needed only for low notes and rumbles, so even a modest system will give you an idea of what a full-blown audio system is like.

As for your previous comment about gas prices, Doug, the problem is NOT that you're an idiot. It's just that (in my experience, anyway) Democrats try to think with their hearts, not realizing that a heart is the WRONG tool for the job. One's head is more suited for the job, and Republicans are more apt to use their heads for thinking than Democrats.

Or, as my father used to tell me in exasperation, "Boy, use your head for something other than as a spacer to keep your ears apart!"

(Not that I really like either party. I'm a libertarian, myself. Note, NOT a Libertarian-- the Party "went off the deep end" after 9/11, and it hasn't surfaced yet.)

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